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Sugar Hut Sweets & Snacks

All of our sweets at The Sugar Hut are carefully selected and imported, with everyone's all time retro favourites included in our large selection - you won't find a range quite like ours anywhere else in Lanzarote! Along with our classics we have a full range of gluten free and vegan sweets and snacks so everyone can enjoy a sweet feast!!

We also stock a large range of snacks in the shop including fresh hot popcorn, crisps, all your favourite chocolate bars, lollipops and much more!!

Sweet and Snack Tastic!

Our shop is jam packed with sweets and snacks! We've got our pic 'n' mix all ready for you to fill your tubs with all your favourite retro sweets, or you can go for some of the pre-packed sweetie tubs, jars and boxes.

We´ve got.....foam bananas, foam prawns, coconut mushrooms, fudge cubes, fizzy cola bottles, cola bottles, flying saucers, love hearts, jelly beans, sour dummies, pink mushrooms, pink mice, white mice.....and more!!!

A very large selection of our pic 'n' mix sweets and the pre-packed tubs and jars are vegan and gluten free - there's something for everyone! Everything is clearly vegan / gluten free marked in the shop.

UPDATE - Our new full range of vegan chocolate bars is due very soon (Galaxy, Milky Way & more). We'll keep you updated on our Social Media pages.

Pic 'n' Mix

Choose your favourites all in 1 Tub

Small Tub €3.50

Medium Tub €5.50

Large Tub €7.50

Pre Packed Tubs & Jars

Sweet Tubs €5.00

Sweet Jar (medium) €12.99

Sweet Jar (large) €15.99

We have more sweet packs available which can be pre-ordered for collection as well as delivery. You can find them on our Gift Packs & Boxes Page

Other Sugar Hut Snacks & Drinks

Hot Popcorn!

Small €1 | Medium €5* | Large €7* | XL €15*

(*reuseable popcorn buckets)

Slush Puppies

Small €2.50 | Medium €3.00 | Large €5.00

(ice cold!!)

Full range of chocolate bars (from just €1.00)

(Snickers, Reese's, Kit Kat, Mars, Maltesers, Lion Bar,Crunchie etc etc)

Our full range of vegan chocolate bars is due very soon (Galaxy, Milky Way & more)

CRISPS: Pringles €1 | Walkers €1 | Tayto €1.20

We have more! Donuts, bubble gum packs, candy floss....

Check out our range of Gift Packs & Boxes below: Breakfast Box, Cava Crackers & Cheese Box, Birthday Gift Jars, Mega Sweet Boxes and more.

Contact us now to place your order or for any queries you have

674 661 857

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Calle Anzuelo 11, Puerto del Carmen

Shop Hours:
Monday - Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-7pm